The rules of the competition are described fully in British Orienteering Competition Rule J, available here.


Scoring is based on position as shown below. A competitor’s overall score will be their best X scores from the Y events held. If events are cancelled, the number of scoring events may be reduced accordingly (but always at least 33% of the races actually held).

1st place 50 points, 2nd place 49 points, 3rd 48, 4th 47, 5th 46, until 50th place 1 point.

Club Competition

In addition to the individual competition there will be a club team competition based on the 15 best individual club members’ total scores as follows:

3 from classes M/W 16 to M/W 21,
3 from classes M/W 35 to M/W 45,
3 from classes M/W 50 to M/W 55,
3 from classes M/W 60+,
plus any 3 additional scores.

Clubs do not need to enter this competition - it is calculated automatically for all Clubs that have runners competing in UKOL races.

For Organisers of races in the UKOL league:

In order for the UKOL points to be automatically allocated to competitors on the UKOL website the results uploaded to the results system need to be differently formatted, as described here. SI-Timing software has an option to output event results in this required format. Output from other results software may need to be manually edited.