Date        Race   Competition (host club, location)
4-Feb 1 Southern Champs (GO)
10-Feb 2 British Night Championships
11-Feb 3 Cumbrian Gallopen (LOC)
9-Mar 4 Midland Champs
29-Mar 5 JK Sprint
30-Mar 6 JK Middle
31-Mar 7 JK Long
13-Apr 8 British Long Champs
27-Apr 9 British Middle Champs
28-Apr 10 Northern Champs
11-May 11 Glasgow City Race Weekend Event (STAG)
12-May 12 Glasgow Euro City Race (STAG)
25-May 13 Scottish Champs
23-Jun 14 British Sprint Champs
6-Jul 15 YHOA Sprint Champs (AIRE)
7-Jul 16 Sprint Weekend Urban (AIRE)
21-Jul 17 Croeso Day 1
22-Jul 18 Croeso Day 2
14-Sep 19 Dales Weekend Day 1
15-Sep 20 Dales Weekend Day 2
21-Sep 21 Caddihoe Chase Day 1
22-Sep 22 Caddihoe Chase Day 2
12-Oct 23 Middle Race (DEE)
13-Oct 24 Chester Urban Race (DEE)
2-Nov 25 Salisbury Urban Race (SOC)
3-Nov 26 November Classic (SOC)


A competitor's best 8 scores will count for the total league score.

(A proposal has been made by the UKOL Coordinator to change Competition Rule J clause 2.5.1, such that the minimum number of scoring events each year would be reduced from 50% to 33% of the number of UKOL races (rounded down). While this proposal has been accepted in principle by the E&C Committee, and has been adopted for the 2023 and onwards season, the rule change has not yet been formally approved nor incorporated in the published rules).