The primary objectives of the competition are as follows:

  • Encourage greater participation at a national level and thus increase the quality of competition.
  • Provide competition in a variety of terrain types, across the United Kingdom.
  • Promote new and alternative event formats.
  • Provide an excellent sporting experience.

Annually the UK Orienteering League will consist of 16-26 events from January to December spread across the country. They should offer a range of competition formats and terrain types.

The competition is based around the standard age-based class structure (It will apply to Long and A classes only, but where there are Elite classes the competition will only apply to these and not the Long class in those age groups. M/W 10, 12, 14 will not be included). Where events use a different class structure, e.g. urban events, classes will be disaggregated for the purpose of the UK Orienteering League scoring.